Taking Control: Convert Your Facebook Community Page Back!

Taking Control:

Convert Your Facebook Community Page Back!


Something is happening  to many Facebook Pages this Spring, as Timeline has rolled out and it is confusing Facebook Admins:

Facebook Business Pages are being converted to Facebook Community Pages!

In 2010, Facebook automatically created 6.5 million Community Pages.  


Mashable published an article on Facebook Community Pages on April 1, 2010 and had this to say:

The new feature looks a whole lot like the Facebook Pages businesses and brands create, but there’s one key difference: It’s for the hordes of “unofficial” Pages that have been created by users in support of topics or causes.

There’s a big difference in functionality too –- Facebook says that if a page becomes popular enough, administration will be handed over to the Facebook community. In other words, Community Pages become a whole lot like a wiki once they reach a certain threshold.

If you want to learn more about Facebook Community Pages, follow this link to Facebook.

Social Media Examiner dove even deeper into the subject and classified Community Pages as either user-administered Community Pages or Facebook-administered Community Pages.  Find a very comprehensive blog post about Community Pages.

Oh oh!  Seriously?  I admit I wasn’t paying much attention when this feature came out in 2010!

So fast forward 2 years and the roll out of Timeline for Pages…

Here is what made me pay attention to this feature real quick!


Last Friday as I was meeting with a new client, Linda of ‘Zumba Fitness With Linda C’, an interesting  question came up:

Why did her Facebook Business Page (recently) convert to a Community Page?

And should she keep it that way?

Has this happened to you?  Did your page convert, too?

I was able to help her convert her Community Page back to a Facebook (Business) Page.


I thought that was the end of that…

No.  Not really!

You see or hear something once and think…a fluke

You see or hear something a second time and think…a coincidence

You see or hear something a third time and think…a charm?

No way.

Third time means something’s going on!



Another client called.  Same issue.


Gail and Al Cashman of Success by Design had a similar question about the same feature:

Each time they logged onto Facebook as their Facebook Page, a notice flashed on the screen, asking them to permanently convert to a Community Page.  They wanted to know if they should make that move.  My advice was ‘No!’  The same easy solution took care of the annoying flashing message and restored their page back to its original state.

And then I saw a Facebook Post about the same issue.

Seems as if many people are confused!


Here is what I found, and how I restored both of my clients’ (user-administered) Facebook Community Pages back to regular Facebook (Business) Pages.



Go to the Admin panel of your page



Click on the toggle feature next to ‘manage’ and click on ‘edit page’.



Scroll down (on the left side of your next screen) and click on ‘Basic Information’



Under ‘Official Page’, on both of my clients’ pages I found information linking to a larger Facebook Page.  I simply deleted that link and their pages were converted back to their original state.


All three of the cases I’ve seen in the last week involved this ‘Official Page’ link.



Have you found your Facebook Business Page has turned into a Community Page?

Do you want to convert back to a regular Facebook Page, or are you happy with the ‘status quo’?


Please share your recent experience with Community Pages with us!.

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