The Pinterest Secret Is Out: Boards Only You and Invited Friends Can See

While doing research for an upcoming blog post for the Social Solutions Collective, where I am the Pinterest Go-To Girl, I happened upon the secret board section in the Pinterest Support Center.  Secret boards were new to me (I learned that the roll-out was only yesterday) and thus curious, I read a bit more.  And wouldn’t you know that as soon as I logged into my own Pinterest account, I was invited to ‘learn more’ about secret boards.

This is what they look like:

This is how you create a new board and make it secret:

Here are some of the Pinteresting facts I gathered about secret boards:

->  Each account can only have three secret boards.  If you want to make another secret board after you’ve created three, you’ll have to delete one in order to  make one.   However, you can be invited to more than three secret boards and still keep your own three; the three board limit does not include boards you are invited to.

->  Your secret boards and all your secret pins are at the bottom of your profile.

->  You can make a secret board visible to everyone and thus change the status of the board, however, you can not make it secret again after it has been made public.

->  Secret pins are not visible anywhere but on your secret board.  They can not be searched and found in category sections and they are not visible in your own or your followers’ home feed.

Now here’s the million dollar question:

Why on earth would anyone pin anything to a secret board on a social media site such as Pinterest where the point is to share and show off your finds?

Think of it as the DM (direct message) on Twitter or Chat (Facebook Message) on Facebook.  “It’s a way to communicate with a select few in your most inner circle of friends.”

We envision secret boards being used for:

Party invitations
Secret wishes between husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend
Bridal  & Baby Shower Registries
Santa Wish Lists
Family Reunions


What use(s) do you have for secret boards?

I’d love to know how you would use this new Pinteresting function.


Dorien Morin-van Dam

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Dorien Morin-van Dam

Dorien Morin-van Dam

Dorien Morin-van Dam
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