Pinterest Update! Introducing Pinterest Messages

On August 6, 2014, Pinterest released a NEW FEATURE on both web and mobile. Introducing Pinterest Messages!

Here is the official Pinterest video about messages!
“Say hello to messages on Pinterest”

As a social media professional, the possibilities of this new feature for businesses is very exciting.

Last night, after discovering this feature at 10:30 PM (EST), I couldn’t sleep. Instead, I jotted down ideas and possibilities on how to use Pinterest messages for business. This is by means no complete list. I am also excited to watch my friends Peg Fitzpatrick, Alisa Meredith and Kelly Lieberman’s blogs and social media posts (all with whom I tested the message feature last night) and see what they come up with! We were all so excited!

This is what Pinterest Messages looks like, on mobile and web. Make sure to update your app on mobile to get the new feature!

Introducing Messages – Mobile

Testing Pinterest Messages on Mobile

Pinterest Messages – Web

Here are my midnight ‘deep thoughts’. 

Pinterest Messages – Personal Use Ideas

  • collaborative projects
  • planning trips
  • while shopping; instant feedback
  • brainstorming sessions
  • shared boards

Pinterest Messages – B2C Ideas

  • connecting with fans
  • running contests
  • contest communications
  • fan appreciation
  • shared boards
  • product demos
  • customer service issues
  • product feedback

Pinterest Messages – B2B Ideas

  • work projects
  • teammates communication
  • group board messaging
  • group board admin communication
  • invites to collaboration and projects
  • live chats during presentations

Something worth noting: In last nights’ discussion regarding this new feature, the immediate thought came to our minds that the timing of Pinterest Messages is interesting, to say the least, as Facebook is pushing everyone to switch over to Facebook Messenger and to push everyone to download their separate Messenger App, creeping out many users.

QUESTION: Do you think the timing of Pinterest Messages is related to the unhappy sound of Facebook users complaining about Facebook Messenger? Give me your thoughts!


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