How To Edit A Facebook Page Post

Do you ever get tired, yet still post (against better judgement) to Facebook? Do you ever, no matter how often you re-read a post, make an obvious spelling error in a post? Have you ever wondered why Facebook does not allow you to edit a Facebook post (now that we can edit comments, I can’t believe we can’t edit posts!). But wait…The title of this blog post states: ‘How To Edit A Facebook Page Post’ which must mean you can edit a Facebook post? Right?  

Watch this 1 minute 59 second video and you’ll understand!

Here is the link B2Media’s blog post as mentioned in the video.

So for the recap:

You can edit a Facebook Page post IF you’ve uploaded the post with an image! 

In my example I use these as possible reasons to edit a Facebook Page post:

  • adding forgotten hashtags
  • correcting incorrect spelling
  • changing the wording
If you have not uploaded an image you have two ways to deal with a post you’re not happy with:
  • you can delete it and repost it with the correct spelling/wording
  • Leave it as-is and (maybe) apologize/correct in the comments


Editing a post might be a better alternative than deleting a post, especially if the post has been up for a while and already has comments/likes before you notice the mistake. I personally only delete page posts if there’s an obvious mistake. If it’s a small, common misspelling, I might leave it up. Sometimes I see the mistakes as soon as I hit ‘post’ and I will delete immediately if that happens. (Before I hit ‘delete’ though, I do a quick ‘copy’ on the exact post wording – that way I can re-post immediately by hitting ‘paste’ and correcting the wording.)


Did you know you could edit a Facebook Page post? Have you ever used this feature? What types of posting mistakes have you made in the past?



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Dorien September 9, 2013 content, Editing, Facebook, Fan Page