Got Triberr? A Video Introduction

In preparation of showing a friend the ‘magic’ of Triberr later this week , I made this video tonight (I should really say: made these 15+ videos as it took many takes to get here)

Please watch this 2 min 39 second video about an amazing blogging platform called

If you are a blogger, it will change

  • your traffic
  • your writing habits
  • your online engagement


…all for the better.

‘Simple To Join, Simple To Use yet Incredible Gains!’

Recapping the video:

Set up a Profile: Create a profile: connect with your social platforms, hook up your RSS feed and add an image or two.

Join Tribes: Scout the Bonfire for Tribes you might want to join and start some of your own.

Scan The Stream: Find your Tribe mates’ blog posts in here and start sharing! Look up stats on each Tribe mate and share the posts with an easy click! Look often, share often.

Take Part in Live Conversations: Get instant feedback on your posts. Get to know your fellow bloggers. Ask questions.

Triberr offers

  • an incredible free plaform
  • exceptional technical support
  • an opportunity to meet bloggers
  • constant content curation 
  • increased Twitter reach
and much more!Check us out. Find and connect with me on Triberr by clicking here. To read much more about Triberr and to stay int the loop once you are in, read the Triberr blog!
I owe all my blogging friends an apology. If should have invited you to Triberr a long time ago! Sorry guys and gals. However, it’s not too late…

See you there!


photo credit: Rogier Noort via photopincc