13 Questions about Pinterest for Business Answered by Experts

13 Questions You (and Others Before You) Have About Using Pinterest for Business, Answered by Social Media Consultants and Pinterest Managers i.e. Experts.

I recently asked some of my social media colleagues the following question:  “What are the most frequently asked Pinterest questions you get regarding ‘using Pinterest for business’.” I ended up with lots of great questions, even some doubles and today I’ve set out to answer these most frequently asked questions in this blog post! Get ready for the most frequently asked questions regarding using Pinterest for Business and the most excellent answers provided by experts in the social media field.

Pinterest for Business Questions

A special thank you goes out to the following friends who served up great questions from their audience:


Question 1: “I don’t sell recipes, wedding dresses, or home decor. Why would Pinterest work for me?” 

Answer 1: Pinterest can work for (almost) anyone and any business! The key is to set goals. Ask yourself  ‘What do I want to accomplish? → Do I want traffic to my website and blog? Do I want more Facebook likes? Do I want brand awareness? Do I want to sell product or services?’ and then find ways (tactics) to accomplish those goals. 

These three articles will help you get started, especially if you are not in the food, wedding or home decor industries.

3 Step Plan for Pinterest Success

Pinterest: Pinning for Service Providers

9 Unlikely Brands Rocking Pinterest for their Marketing


Question 2“Are there analytics tools?”

Answer 2: Oh yes!  And there plenty to choose from, too! Some tools are free and work great, then there are paid tools for the big brands and social media managers who want tons and tons of data and are able and willing to pay for it. If you have set up your account as a business account and you have verified your website, you also have access to Pinterest analytics (free) on your account.

Additional resources:

Two Free Tools to Analyze Your Pinterest Strategy

ViralWoot (formerly Pinwoot) – boost your Pinterest presence and traffic from Pinterest


Question 3“What size images are best for Pinterest?”

Answer 3: The best images are long vertical images. Peg Fitzpatrick, head of social strategy at Canva has this to say: “On Pinterest, long, tall images command the show taking up the most visual real estate in the Pinterest feed. To create pins that generate action, Canva is creating images 735 pixels x 1102 pixels. While this size might not be optimal for your blog, you can create a pin on Pinterest with your custom graphic and embed your pin into your blog post. This creates an engaging invitation to repin your pinned article.”

Something else to ponder as you create images for Pinterest: In a recent article by Ashley Faulkes 10 Pinterest Pros Share Their Best Tips and Tools Rebekah Radice mentions: ” Don’t just create a custom image and pin it to Pinterest, take that image and also share it to Google+. Images created for Pinterest work just as well on Google+, taking up a significant amount of real estate. I have found that an image size of 800 x 1200 works exceptionally well. Creating one; high-quality, well-branded image on both social networks has the ability to double your exposure, traffic and sales.  

Pin-worthy articles: 

Master The Art of Pinterest Images  (Canva)

The Anatomy of a Great Pin


Question 4“What should we pin?”

Answer 4: I know what I am going to pin, but what YOU are going to pin depends on your business, the content you have created, how good you are at curating content and your available resources. Here are some ideas:

  • Articles – the ones you write and the good ones you find
  • Videos – the ones you create and good ones for your audience
  • GIF’s
  • Behind the scenes pictures
  • Infographics
  • Quotes
  • Place Pins
  • Your Social Media Profiles
  • Event photos
  • Community Involvement
  • Charities you support
  • Office images
  • Staff celebrations
  • Reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Wish lists


If you need additional ideas on what to pin, check out these articles.

How to Decide What To Pin on Pinterest

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Question 5: “What kinds of boards should we create?”

Answer 5: Anything that strikes you fancy, within reason and with your target audience in mind! Using keywords, your location and your creativity – get to work! If you have a location-based business, using place pins and boards is a must! Make sure to choose your board titles wisely and include the (searchable!) keyword in the title as well.

Want to know more? Start here.

The Anatomy of a Pinterest Board 

9 Must Follow Social Media Pinterest Boards

7 Pinterest Must-Do’s for Location-Based Business


Question 6: “Is Pinterest worth trying?”

Answer 6: This answer is simple. Let me answer it by asking you this one question: Are you willing to risk leaving a potential traffic source to your website on the table? If the answer is ‘no’ read the rest of this article, take notes and get started!

Instead of giving you links…this.

“Progress always involves risks. You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.” ~Frederick B. Wilcox

“Why not go out on a limb? Isn’t that where the fruit is?” ~Frank Scully

“Yes, risk taking is inherently failure-prone. Otherwise, it would be called sure-thing-taking.” ~Tim McMahon


Question 7“Are my potential clients there?”

Answer 7: Does your audience include humans? Does it include women? Does it include anyone ages 13-99? Do you think that out of the 70 million people on Pinterest some might fit in your target audience?


Find your audience, engage them, nurture the relationships and build trust! Let them get to know you and your business before trying to sell anything.

3 Things Customers Want From Your Pinterest Account

12 Most Resourceful Ways Business Can Use Pinterest 

…then drive your potential clients to your blog!

How Your Blog Can Get More Traffic From Pinterest in 5 Easy Steps


Question 8“How much time do I have to spend on Pinterest?”

Answer 8: That totally depends on your goals, your resources (marketing budget & marketing team) and how quickly you want to get to your goals! It is always better  to spread out your time (this applies to all social media platforms) rather than spend bulk time on one site. For example, if you have allotted yourself 1 hour/week for Pinterest marketing, you are much better off pinning 10 minutes/day (or 5 min twice/day) and using the remaining 10 minutes for analysis and planning each week vs. spending one full hour 1 day/week on Pinterest. Without knowing your goals and your resources, I can’t give you a definite answer to this question, but you’ll be able to answer it yourself once you have created a strategic plan!

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Question 9“How will I get followers?”

Answer 9: The short answer is ‘Be Social’. This means you need to do several things and do them well and often (besides uploading and pinning your own content):

  • Repin other people’s pins
  • ‘Like’ pins
  • Comment on pins
You will also need to pin great pins from the web. I recommend using the Pin It button to your browser. I also use Google Alerts for certain things I am looking to pin (Instagram, Pinterest articles, Facebook). Lastly, collaboration and cross promotion are a must to grow your audience and that includes being part of group boards as well as sharing links to your pins on other platforms!

Practical advice:

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Find Pinterest Group Boards Easily With This Tool

Using Cross promotion to Grow Your Pinterest Following


Question 10“Is there a way to schedule pins?”

Answer 10: Yes, there is a way to schedule your pins; by using a 3rd party app. Mentioned in answer 2 are several analytics tools all of which will let you schedule pins.

Want to know more? (may the ‘why’ and ‘how’?) Read on.

Pinterest: Scheduling Pins answers both the ‘why’ and the ‘how’

  • it will save you time! Rather than getting into a pinning frenzy, and half an hour turns into an hour…you can limit your time more effectively if you schedule pins.
  • you won’t annoy your followers by clogging up their home feed with pictures of cats or wedding dresses
  • this could result in people getting really pissed off, and un-following you, which is sad!
  • you are more likely to get more people to see your content if you drip feed it, especially if you schedule pins to go out at peak times.

In her article, Jenny goes on to describe exactly how to schedule them using Viraltag. Note: you can even schedule repins with that tool!


Question 11“What can I do to keep my followers regularly visiting my boards?”

Answer 11: There are several things you’ll need to keep doing.

  • Pin new pins to your boards – not just to one board, but cycle through all of your board!
  • Remove old pins if the data is outdated or the link is broken
  • Update the board cover when appropriate
  • Reply to comments you get
  • Seek out other pinners with similar boards and follow them, repin a few pins and leave likes and comments
  • Cross promote your pins to your other social media platforms


Question 12“What’s the best Pinterest tactic/s geared towards business users?”

Answer 12: The tactic you are going to use!

What works for some, doesn’t work for others. Happy to share my thoughts and tactics.

  • You get back what you give, and much more – share, like and repin
  • Be professional – stay within your niche, but have fun with it (be creative, too)
  • Stay on topic and brand every image for your business
  • Be active and engage, daily
  • Be nice – collaborate with other
  • Don’t spam
Here are some thoughts from other social media professionals on this topic.


Question 13“Isn’t Pinterest just for women?” 

Answer 13: I couldn’t have said it any better than Alisa Meredith when she says “Trust Us – Just Try It”. In her article titled “I Just Don’t Get Pinterest” – Signed, Most American Men she makes several key points to encourage men to start pinning:

  •  that the incredible disparity in the number of American women using Pinterest compared to the number of American women using Pinterest (80% are STILL women),  is unique to America. In other nations, the numbers are closer to even
  •  use it to Organize “Must Have” Information to Access Anywhere (and that will make finding Saturday’s DIY project much easier!)
  •  I challenge you to look for your competitors out there. Nothing? Well, here’s your chance to get ahead of the curve. Not all businesses are right for Pinterest – it’s true. But, with a little creativity, so many can make a success of it.

Alisa also lists a list of successful male pinners in her article. In case you are still not sure if Pinterest is for you, I would encourage you to go follow their accounts, connect and learn!


Thank you so much for finding and reading this article! Let me know what you discovered about using Pinterest that surprised you the most. And if you have an additional question, please leave it here in a comment, so I can write a follow up post!


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